VAC Efron

Bot Developer, Discord Manager, Subreddit Owner, Carefree Individual

Hello, I'm VAC Efron.

Also known as just VAC, Efron or DankNiBBa. I'm a Dutch student spending his free time programming and managing on different platforms, those being Discord and Reddit. As of now, I have little programming experience, but I enjoy programming in C#, HTML and CSS.

Things I made:

r/MemeTemplatesOfficial is a subreddit created by me, used for sharing and requesting meme templates you like.

Konek0 V2 is an all-around Discord bot that does lots of things to make your Discord server experience more enjoyable and convenient.

MTO Discord server is the official Discord server for r/MemeTemplatesOfficial, where people share templates, request them or have a friendly chat with each other.